Young Plants

Rosa ApS is able to deliver all Roses Forever® and Infinity® varieties from 6-16 cm as Young Plants with detailed growing instructions.


  • Suitable for both short and long culture
  • Both indoor and outdoor growing
  • Short culture: 5 weeks
  • Can be finished in delivered pots
  • Possible to re-pot in larger pots
  • Short delivery time

When purchasing Roses Forever® and Infinity® Young Plants the producer must sign a contract that gives the right to grow and sell Roses Forever® and Infinity®.

Growers Manual is available online when order is signed.

Contact sales for prizes.

6 cm Roses Forever® and Infinity®

Pr. box: 40 pcs.

Pr. CC: 88 x 40 pcs.

Total pr. CC: 3520 pcs.

8 cm Roses Forever®

Pr. box: 24 pcs.

Pr. CC: 60 x 24 pcs.

Total pr. CC: 1440 pcs.

10.5 cm Roses Forever®

Pr. box: 11 pcs.

Pr. CC: 72 x 11 pcs.

Total pr. CC: 792 pcs.

12 cm Roses Forever®

Pr. box: 12 pcs.

Pr. CC: 48 x 12 pcs.

Total pr. CC: 576 pcs.

15 cm Roses Forever®

Pr. box: 6 pcs.

Pr. CC: 40 x 6 pcs.

Total pr. CC: 240 pcs.




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