The Infinity Roses are popular all over the world and set a new standard for pot roses back in 2012 when they were first launched – and their popularity has only grown since then.

Large Flowers

One of the things that made the Infinity Roses so remarkable was the very big and filled flowers with extraordinary longevity and more than 100 petals. Moreover, all of the Infinity Roses are excellent for planting in garden beds, pots or indoors, as they also thrive there.

Short culture

In addition to being a durable rose with large flowers, an extraordinary long life which makes it stay beautiful for a long time, the Infinity Rose is also very easy to grow anywhere in the world since it has a short culture of only 10 weeks.

This short culture time utilizes the greenhouse well as many plants can be grown on a lesser area and still in high quality.

Fits all pots

Initially, the Infinity roses were developed for 10.5 cm pots, but since then it has turned out that the roses can be grown in both smaller and larger pots. In the smaller pots, the Infinity rose is planted with one cutting in a 6cm pot. In the larger 8-9cm pots, the roses are planted with 1-3 cuttings. The Infinity rose is easy to grow even in large 12cm or 15cm pots and with the short culture, it only takes 9-10 weeks in a greenhouse nursery to produce beautiful uniform Infinity Roses and that is for all pot sizes

Infinity roses are especially beautiful in the large 19-21cm bowls, which can be used to make your terrace even more attractive during the summer. The larger pots are also a perfect gift. No matter what the use the infinity roses are perfect for any occasion.

10, 5 cm and 12 cm pot sizes are is still the pot sizes in which the biggest volumes are produced/ grown.

Startup cuttings

Another thing that makes the Infinity roses bestsellers is the opportunity for licensed growers to buy startup cuttings.

To be able to grow Infinity roses a grower has to sign a license agreement with Roses Forever ApS. Included in this license is a ‘growers manual’ online that also secures the best possible procedure to grow a high quality Infinity rose. 

Lots of colours

The original Infinity rose was white, but since then six more colours have been developed. Princess of Infinity (light pink), Pink Infinity (pink), Infinity Evergreen (green/pink), Queen of Infinity (salmon), King of Infinity (burgundy), Jinfinity ( Yellow ) and Infinity Red (red). This continuing development is also one of the reasons why the Infinity roses are such bestsellers. As a buyer or a grower, you are secured of a healthy, modern, and beautiful rose, which is constantly optimized to be a perfect rose.

Bonus information

  • The Infinity rose won the Flora Dania Innovation Award in 2012 for best indoor plant
  • King of Infinity won a gold medal ’Novelty of the Year’ at ’FlowerExpo 2018’ in Moscow.
  • Princess of Infinity won a medal at Plantarium in Holland 2013.
  • Infinity roses are now produced on license in Japan, China, England, Denmark, Holland, Norway and more.

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